Slavery to Southern Cross

A Story teller like no other.

Andreea Kindryd – is a sassy Septuagenarian, reaching for 80.

Her family history of slavery taught a lesson of love rather than hate and equipped her to be one of the first two black staff hired by a major television studio, though she jokes that it took a riot to get her the job. A young militant black woman, who hung out with Malcolm X and ran errands for Martin Luther King, Jr, she faced the challenges of a journey on the starship Enterprise, as Production Assistant for a Klansman’s son, named Gene Coon who wrote the most human of Star Trek’s scripts.

SF icon Harlan Ellison called her “most lovely of women” and teasingly made her an honorary Jew, subject to 2000 years of retroactive persecution. When Gene died Hollywood was no place for a black woman without a mentor and she took off for Hong Kong with her mostly unhitched husband and was soon on the Hippie Trail through Asia. Only reachable via Posts Restante even the FBI couldn’t find her. They tried!

Australia provided her a home, a chance to make films, and support Indigenous arts. NSW, has been her home for almost 45 years now. She has worked with Black Theatre, NAISDA Dance College and helped launch Bangarra Dance Theatre. A suicide saw her first on stage at the age of 68 trying to make sense of it, and discovering her love and natural talent for storytelling.

She really is like no other. Come and see Andreea Kindryd tell stories “From Slavery to the Southern Cross”.

Sat 1st Dec 7pm, The Phoenix Theatre, Bridge St Coniston.