Once the performer and now the producer.
Shane LadyMoon started her first belly dance class over 20 years ago. During these years Shane has also dabbled in African, Indian Folk, Bollywood, and other classic styles such as ballroom and latin. LadyMoon then became part of a local flamenco blues band Ruido as a drummer and dancer.
Since 2010 Shane has been a part of a duo running Wollongong Comedy rooms in Wollongong, starting the first open mic comedy room in the Gong and founder of WomanGong Comedy (getting all the local funny ladies together) and co creator of Woman Out Loud (helping Woman find their space using the medium of comedy.)
She is also the creator of the largest clothes swap in Wollongong. The Gong’s Great Clothes Swap running once a year with now over 500 people in attendance.
LadyMoon Productions is putting all her ‘Jane of all trades’ skills together to be a producer, events manager and creative consultant.
First full producer show will be on the 1st Dec 2018 with Andreea Kyndrid – Slavery to the Southern Cross.


Muchos Amor

Shane LadyMoon